Pepper & Backroom


It was 2013 when the Tarnikas brothers chose the promenade of Thessaloniki (Palia Paralia) as the location for Pepper, an all-day bar destined to become familiar to all of us.

Over the years, Pepper not only adapted to the needs of locals but also became a trendsetter in Thessaloniki’s modern nightlife scene.

In this context, the Backroom Project emerged in 2017, offering a meat-eating dining experience unique to the city, curated by executive chef Sakis Papadakis: Italian and Argentinian cuisine in an unrivaled mix of flavors, focusing on the dry aging of cuts (in-house dry aging area), which you can enjoy in anywhere in-store. Of course, the balcony remains the highlight of the Backroom, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

This fitting combination of an elegant restaurant with the atmosphere of a modern speakeasy bar is the highlight of this project, making our dining-bar space the first choice for any occasion.

Freshly brewed coffee every day from 09:00, breakfast-brunch, signature cocktails & spirits in the heart of the city, near at hand to the sea.

Hint: A separate, private area of the balcony serves only upon reservation and is available for any kind of event (e.g., birthday or any kind of private event, business meetings / lunch, wedding / baptism lunch).

For any additional information or clarification, you can send an email to

In-house dry ageing speciality


We are proud of

Beef Steak Breakfast

Dry Aged Picanha 100gr, smoked eggs, ograten potato, winter truffle ketchup.

Pancake Mont Blanc

Chestnut cream, Venezuela chocolate 70%, Don papa rum, truffle hazelnut.

Pollo Pancake

Grilled chicken, raclete cheese, bio egg, chanterelle mushrooms, quanciale, crispy sage.


Hendricks, ginger, fresh cucumber juice, Pimentro Drum, rosemary


Ketel One, Green Apple Chutney, Lime Juice, Skinos Mastiha Chiou, Ginger, Spearmint


Sailor Jerry, Passion Fruit Chutney, Lime Juice, Caramel, Homemade Grenadine